We are now planning our 1st annual conference ‑The DoDDS – Europe STEMposium 2012 to be held April 22nd to the 27th at the Jugendgästehaus in Oberwesel, Germany. The theme of the conference is "Confront Disaster… Engage Your Mind… Save the World”. The goal of STEMposium is to engage underrepresented students in the engineering and design process as they work in teams to confront an unfolding catastrophe.  Using 21st Century Skill-Sets, Students will work alongside practicing engineers, scientists and researchers applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to solve a real world problem. 

Students will arrive Sunday evening and breakup into their Research and Development Teams. Although students have been receiving “Game Hints” leading up to the STEMposium, they’ll unknowingly be plunged into the disaster scenario that evening. During the week, students will attend hands-on STEMinars featuring targeted areas of engineering and science.  They’ll work with practicing scientists and engineers during office hours and open labs. The United States Air Force will demonstrate weather, disaster response, and robotics technology. Students will also attend study trips to the European Space Agency, Juwi Energy Park, and the Koblenz River Locks, Dam and Fish Pass. Each evening we’ll feature a guest speaker and presentation regarding important issues featuring the roles Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in education and careers.

Parents, siblings, educators, school administration, military command and DoDDS-E officials are all welcome to the STEMposium Open House Thursday evening from 1800 to 2000.  We’ll showcase student projects, as well as the STEM Bowl and Robotics Competition during this time. The Awards Ceremony will be Friday morning as we recognize the performances of the top three teams. We anticipate over 90 students, from nearly every high school within DoDDS – Europe as they work in the following STEM areas.


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